MLK Center Gift Giving Ideas

Christmas Gift Giving Options

Please inform us on the number of individuals that you can assist!

We will send you the families information via email.


Ideal family gift(S)

➢       Mittens, Thinsulate gloves, and a hat

➢       A reading book

➢       A coloring/activity book

➢       Crayons or markers

➢       A large and a small toy

➢       A family game

➢       A warm outfit


➢       Entire family (male adult/female adult and children)

➢       Single family (male or female adult and children)

➢       Children ONLY (specify how many children you are willing to assist)

Baby to Teen gift giving options: coloring books, toy cars, clothes, doll, action figures, shoes, electronic, sporting equipment/balls and food

Children gifts:  Age 0 through 8 years old

  • Educational toys, games, cartoon characters, socks

Pre-teen gifts:   Age 9 through 12 years old

  • Sporting goods(equipment), craft kits, jewelry boxes, games, remote control cars, play make-up, cooking games, journal, socks

Teen gifts:      Age 13 through 18 years old

  • Sporting goods, games, sleeping bags, cosmetic gift sets, watches, hair dryers, curling irons, jewelry boxes, journals, socks



It would be nice to provide all of the children with a new pair of gloves or a warm winter stocking hat or scarf

Other Ideas…

25.00 (helps provide a gift for 1 child), 50.00 (helps provide a gift for 2 children), 75.00 helps provide a gift for 3 children, 100.00 (helps provide a gift for 4 children)

  • Gift cards are also a great idea; to purchase gifts or supplies or to allow children in need to purchase something for themselves.
  • There’s strength in numbers. Enlist your friends, family, and coworkers to adopt families for the holiday.


_Home supplies (cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc.)

_Mittens (hats)


_Bath and Body gift sets


_Warm blankets

_Newspaper subscription

_Bingo (game)


_Candy (sugar free)


Thank you for considering our program!