News from Meridian Street

  • Discipleship Dollars & Sense

    Discipleship Dollars & Sense is a quarterly publication that presents a financial statement of revenues and expenses as well as focusing on how your gifts are given back to God with gratitude through the mission and outreach arms of...

  • Meridian Messenger

    July 2017 Meridian Messenger

  • Family Time Devotions

    These weekly devotions are meant to bring our Sunday school lessons home.  Family Time will help you take the weekly Bible lesson your kids learn on Sunday mornings and use the message throughout your week.    It is our...

  • Meridian Street Weekly

    Each Friday, we send out weekly updates and happenings regarding Meridian Street and our ministries within the community.

  • Daily Bible Reading Schedule

    See the full schedule here. 

  • Christmas In July Wishlist

    Ways to Serve and Give Christmas in July Donations! The summer can be a challenging time for our service ministry partners in the city. They receive a number of donations in the fall and close to Christmas, but the summer always lags behind in...

  • Walk A Mile in a Refugee's Shoes

    Walk a Mile in a Refugee's Shoes is an hour long simulation that allows participants to assume the identity and role of a refugee. Through the simulation you will be given the opportunity to learn what experiences a refugee is faced with once...

  • My Meridian

    Join us for a ministry and group open house for My Meridian on August 20, 2017.