Capital Campaign

Progress Report

Click here for a progress report on construction and campaign finances

Where to Park During Construction?

Parking changes take effect Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and remain in effect for the year of construction.  Key things to know:

  • Meridian Street driveways have changed directions, as you will see on diagrams
  • You can no longer drive or walk between the north and the west parking lots
  • The NW corner and entrance to the building is closed and under construction
  • Enter the building off of the Meridian Street side.  Use the door at the top of the exterior ramp along south wall of sanctuary.  All normal entrances are open on Sunday, with the exception of the NW corner.

Monday-Saturday Parking & Entrances

Sunday Parking & Entrances


What Areas Are Off-Limits Inside the Building?

Key things to know:

  • The entire NW corner of the 1st floor is off limits due to construction
  • The elevator is still operable on floors 1 through 3

Interior Diagram of Restricted Areas / Access Points

Our New Welcome Center

At an all church conference on Sunday, May 17, 2014 the working drawings were formally accepted by the congregation and we are moving toward our goal of breaking ground in September.  It's all very exciting.  This new space, along with the other capital renovations planned, are the final objectives to be accomplished from Imagine Meridian: Plan for Change, having to do with creating a welcoming and accessible environment as well as connecting us in a more meaningful way to the neighborhood.

The new welcome center will be situated at the northwest corner of the building and have a covered porte cochere on the north side for easy drop off and pick up in inclement weather.  Its octagon shape will blend with our current architecture but clearly set it off as the main point of entry in the building. 

The links below will open the architectural renderings for the welcome center project.

Northwest Perspective                             Site Plan                         Ground Floor Entry

First Floor / Sanctuary Level              Second Floor Level                Interior Perspective