IHN / Family Promise



2019 Hosting dates

January 20-27

April 7-14

July 14 - 21

October 27 - November 3 

In 1994 Meridian Street was one of six founding churches of the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) and has opened it's doors to house homeless families countless weeks since then.  

Serving families, one parent, one child at a time--providing not only the safety of shelter and the nourishment to sustain, IHN volunteers offer simple love and kindness in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Ours is a partnership with Interfaith Hospitality Network / Family Promise and a ministry of tremendous impact as we assist homeless families in their journey toward finding employment, securing permanent housing, and developing stability for their family.

IHN serves homeless families rather than individuals, and is accepting and respectful of all families.  Four weeks a year, Meridian Street opens her doors as a host church.  The families become our guests during those weeks, sleeping here, eating here, relaxing, learning, and being cared for by volunteers within the congregation.

Volunteer duties may include driving them to and from the IHN Day Center, preparing evening dinner, helping children with homework and quiet time activities, laundering sheets and towels, or serving as an over-night host.  

Click here to see for more information and to see how you might be able to serve: Interfaith Hospitality Network Sign Up