Who we are

Meridian Street is a church committed to loving God and serving our world in a real and unexpected way.  Our church family comes from diverse backgrounds and varied stages of life, and we welcome and value the gifts that each of us brings.  Everyone is welcome at Meridian Street!

By helping each other grow in a relationship with God, we are growing closer to one another and to the world around us.  Our commitment to serving God by serving others and being good stewards of God’s creation is most important to the Meridan Street church family.

Our Mission Statement:

Street United Methodist Church
is a Christian community seeking to know God more fully so we can share God’s unexpected grace and love with each other, our neighbors, and those around the world.  Through Christ, we support one another in our spiritual journeys and endeavor to be good stewards of God’s creation and of our gifts, talents, and resources.  ~August 2010