Children's Day In Registration

Thank you for registering online for Meridian Street's Children's Day In program.  Please note that this registration process is not finalized until you've received official confirmation in writing from the director as to exact class placement (class, days etc.).

Before you register, please review the policies and procedures as set forth in the Children’s Day In Parent Handbook.  In summary, these policies are as follows:

CDI Fees

A non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee must accompany this completed registration form for each child.  August tuition is due by June 15th.  If payments are not received by these dates, unsecured positions will be released to the next person on our waiting list. All prepaid tuition payments are non-refundable & non transferable unless moving from Marion County or the contiguous counties.  If you are registering after any of the above due dates, any previously due payments must be made in full upon registration.   Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

 Tuition Policies

  1. All registration fees and tuition paid in advance are non-refundable and non-transferable unless moving out of  Marion County and the contiguous counties. 
  2. Annual tuition is divided equally between 10 months creating an equal payment each month regardless of the actual number of school days in a given month.
  3. August tuition will be billed on June 1st with payment due on June 15th. After this date, all unsecured positions will be released to the next person on our waiting list.  All other monthly tuition payments will be billed on the 15th of the month with payment due by the 1st of the month.  A $5.00 late tuition fee is added per child after the 1st of the month for the first late payment and the late fee increases with each late payment. 
  4. If you are unable to pay your tuition, please contact the CDI office to work out a payment plan.  If you are unable to work out or honor a payment plan we will have to ask you to leave the program. 
  5. There will be a $25 charge on all returned checks, payable in cash or a certified check. 
  6. Tuition checks should be made payable to Children's Day In (CDI) and brought or mailed to the CDI office at Meridian Street. 
  7. No refunds will be made if the school is closed due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather or building maintenance problems.
  8. Thirty days written notice is required for a child’s withdrawal from the program.  Parents are responsible for the entire amount of tuition through the thirty day period.
  9. Parents will be assessed a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per child for every minute a child is left past dismissal time.


I understand that if my child is absent from the program for illness or other reasons, I will continue to pay tuition unless he/she is formally withdrawn.


I agree that my child will be in good health. and free of communicable diseases each day he/she participates and will have the necessary immunizations or required waivers.   Please refer to the State Board of Health guidelines outlined in the CDI Parent Handbook.


I understand no refunds will be given for program cancellations due to weather or building issues or days missed to due to illness or vacation.  There are no make up days. 

Illness or Injury

In the event of serious illness or accident as determined by the Director or other personnel designated by the Director, I understand that an ambulance will be summoned to transport the child to a medical facility.  I agree to assume the responsibility for any and all costs incurred for the ambulance service and/or emergency medical care provided.

Email Notice

By providing your email, you are agreeing to receive regular email communication regarding any and all Meridian Street/Children's Day In programs and activities.

Photography Release

My registration indicates that I give permission to Meridian Street United Methodist Church and Children's Day In to use, without charge and without reservation, my likeness in any medium and for any lawful purpose, including promoting the church, its programs, and services.  I waive any rights of action I may have and release Meridian Street from any and all claims I may have arising from use of my likeness, including any rights to sue for defamation or violation of my rights of privacy or publicity.

Notice Regarding Ministry Status

With my registration, I also understand that this child care ministry is not licensed under the laws of Indiana.  However, I understand that this child care ministry must comply with the state rules concerning sanitation and fire and life safety for the primary use of the structure in which it is conducted.  I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the nutritional and health needs of my child are met while my child is at the child care ministry.

If you agree with these policies, please click below to continue the registration process your child(ren).

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