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     Well, we almost left on time this morning at 7:30 but no names will be mentioned!! After an overnight of rain and lightning we were hoping that the rain had moved on and that we would have sunshine as we toured the Golan Heights.  

As we traveled Anat pointed out the snow on Mt Hermon ("hair-moan") and her excitement of the snow.  The rest of the bus showed very little excitement at the mention of snow.   

We drove by the Rift Valley and found that it was once malaria ridden so there was a movement to get rid of the swamp.  What they wound up with was underground methane gas that created fires that would burn the crops above.  The result  was the valley was re-flooded and a nature preserve was created with an abundance of wildlife.

Anat explained the political aspects of the Golan Heights over the years.  She also talked about the need for safe rooms (bomb shelters) in towns near the Lebanon border.  At this point there is no relationship between Lebanon and Israel.  The sun began shining where we entered Tel Dan where another nature preserve exists.  

We walked along a very nice trail along a stream of fast moving water under a canopy of trees.  We stopped by a pond where we had our daily devotion about Eva Kors.  We continued to the gates of Abraham.  There we began a trek over a 2900 year old stone road.  We sat at the temple of Dan where Anat talked about the City of Dan in ancient times.

Next we stopped at Hermon Stream Nature Reserve where we saw the Banias Springs and pools that went up to the Temple of Pan.  This area is also known as Caesarea Philippi.  Remnants of ancient temples were scattered around this area.  

From there we went to lunch before heading to Magdala.  At Magdala there are exceptionally well preserved excavations of a synagogue and the town including the fish market and the homes of very wealthy citizens.   The adjoining Magdala Synagogue was extraordinary!!  The Synagogue is dedicated to many strong women of the Bible and strive to bring unity between Jews and Christians and among the many Christian denominations.



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