Our Luggage

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As 32 of us began our trip in the Holy Land, we realized our luggage was too heavy, that we each needed to unpack a few things so our journey throughout Israel would not weigh us down.  So we unloaded these things:   control and planning of the trip, worries of home,  concerns about health....our own and family members, life's distractions, our to-do-lists, political prejudgment, past pain and heartbreak and walls to keep the pain out, impatience with "challenging" people knowing each of us has strengths and gifts, minds jumping from one thing to another, hanging on to belongings and acceptance that their memories are personal, stress of work and process of putting work before so many other things, selling a business and change of relationship with a brother, seriousness of life and anger with the Palestinians.  Baggage, Burdens, Worries, Heavy Loads....we did our best to lighten those.

Because of space in our luggage, here are many special memories, experiences, and/or insights we will be bringing home:

the first century synagogue

Magdala - singing together "Let There Be Peace on Earth" 

the Dead Sea

Via Dolorosa, the suffering, the sacrifice

the quiet simplicity of the Shepherd's Field

learning that we are spoiled back home, that our lives are easy

Masada - all of it was amazing

to be where the Lord once walked with friends who helped me along the way

renewed appreciation of the complex religious, political, economic and social issues

the incredible hills and mountains our Lord carried his cross; no "hill" should be too hard for us to climb

devotions on the Mount of the Beatitudes

a better understanding of how Jesus loved to go up in the hills for reflection and prayer

appreciating the beauty and historical significance of this land

Jesus never wasted time.  He knew his time here on Earth was limited, so every encounter was meaningful, purposeful, loving and unrushed.

fulfilling a long ago promise

learning that the non-terrorist Palestinians are trapped in Israel

reconfirming the power of prayer with the candles we lit to give them form and focus.







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