Community Resources

Community Resources available to YOU 

Our local community center, the Martin Luther King Center, is a hub of resources for all of us. These resources are for everyone, regardless of your relationship with the MLK Center or financial situation. This information is shared so that you know what resources are available to you and so that you can share information with others who need it. Questions? Contact Pastor Mary. 


Free Virtual Counseling 

This time we’re in brings to the surface feelings of anxiety and depression. Your mental health is important, and there is no shame in asking for help. Free virtual counseling is available through the MLK Center to anyone who would like to talk with someone. Funded through a partnership with Christian Theological Seminary, you can talk with counselor Lee Ivey (Mdiv, MA CMHC) over the phone or via Zoom. Call the MLK Center’s front desk (317) 923-4581 to be connected. For a full list of mental health resources in our community, please click here


Home Food Delivery 

Prepared meals as well as groceries can be delivered to the home of anyone who needs food. The process is simple: Complete this form before 10 AM (Monday through Friday), and someone will deliver food to your home between 12-2 PM the same day. If you know someone who needs food but cannot complete the online form themselves, you are welcome to submit it on their behalf. The meals are provided by Second Helpings and Patachou Foundation. Groceries are provided through Gleaner’s Food Bank and individual donations to the MLK Center. 

I.P.S. is also distributing food boxes provided by Gleaner’s Food Bank. School buses have been driving around our neighborhoods to offer food to any who could use it. More information about this food distribution is available here. 


Grocery/Prescription Pickup 

Help getting groceries or prescriptions is available to any who need it, especially those persons who are classified as “high risk” of infection (older adults or immunocompromised). Even if you have enough resources to buy your groceries or prescriptions, you may need a little help getting those items so that you can avoid leaving the house during this time. The MLK Center is ready to help you with those needs. Call the front desk at (317) 923-4581 and let them know you could use some help picking up your supplies. 


Questions about Unemployment or Financial Assistance 

If you find yourself in crisis, the staff of the MLK Center is available to help you navigate available resources including how to apply for unemployment, what to do if you’re concerned about paying rent or utilities, where to find childcare or educational assistance, etc. Call the front desk at (317) 923-4581, and the staff will guide you. 

Additional information is available through the city’s website. 


Donation and Volunteer Opportunities 

Currently, the MLK Center has enough volunteers. However, that situation could change. If you are interested in volunteering to deliver food or help in other ways, complete this form. They are also accepting donations of grocery items between 10 AM - 2PM Monday through Friday (leave items on the table in the parking lot). There may be more volunteer opportunities in the weeks to come. We will share those with you as they develop. 

Food pantry items can also be dropped off at the church between 9 AM - 4 PM Monday through Friday (place in the Welcome Center collection bins). Fletcher Place is requesting canned vegetables and fruits, personal hygiene products, and dish/laundry soap. Boulevard Place Food Pantry is temporarily closed. 

You are also invited and encouraged to continue serving as a Congregational Care Ambassador through our church, calling regularly to check in with folks in our congregation, to offer a listening ear, and help out with needs that arise. 


Let us know if you need help 

If you’re struggling right now, for any reason, please let us know. We want to care for you spiritually, emotionally, and physically in this time. Email the pastors and staff or call the church (leave a message and we’ll get it!). 


Questions? Contact Pastor Mary.