Ecological Stewardship

Meridian Street recognizes ecological stewardship as an important component to living out of faith today.  Many changes have been made to the way we care for God’s creation.  Styrofoam cups and plates are not used; all paper, plastic, aluminum and tin, and corrugated cardboard that we use in the building are recycled; printer cartridges and batteries are recycled. We keep the building cooler in winter and warmer in summer in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our Neighbor to Neighbor team continues to partner with various municipal and outreach agencies to help clean up neighborhood parks and return them to vibrant green spaces for the community.  The team also helps elderly citizens who are no longer able to maintain their properties, clearing away debris and trimming back bushes and weeds that can pose health hazards to the neighborhoods. 

We care for God’s creation at Meridian Street. If you have any ideas for how we can improve in our care please contact the church office.