Meridian Street Future

What is the Future of Meridian Street and the UMC?

In February 2019, the United Methodist General Conference (the official body responsible for church governance) adopted what was called the “Traditional Plan.” That plan affirmed official exclusionary language and policies concerning LGBTQ+ people in the United Methodist Church, and imposed severe penalties on Pastors who violated those policies (for example, by officiating same-sex weddings).

Meridian Street affirms that all people — including LGBTQIA+ persons, people of color, disabled persons, and women — are created in the Divine Image, are of inherent sacred worth, and shall be fully included in the life, ministry, practices, and leadership of the church. We reject any institutional policy that would deny the full participation of persons in the church based on age, nationality, race, class, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ability.

Meridian Street is prayerfully traveling through the discernment process, gathering information, talking with pastors and congregations nationwide and staying connected with our United Methodist leadership to seek a solution that will allow us to live into our vision of radical inclusivity.

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